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The History of Engagement Rings

Nothing signifies love and commitment more than a dazzling engagement ring. Since ancient history, the wearer of engagement rings were considered to be betrothed or engaged to be married. There might have been various instrumentalities of the engagement ring but the symbolism is all the same- perfect and eternal love between two people.

The history of engagement rings can be traced back to the prehistoric period. It was discovered that cavemen tied cords of braided grass around his chosen mate’s wrists, ankles and waists. In Ancient Egypt, engagement bands were used to symbolize a never ending cycle, with the space between as the gateway. Egyptians wore rings made of single silver or gold wire on their third finger, believed to be connected to the heart by vena amoris. In a similar manner, Ancient Greeks placed the engagement rings on the fourth finger on the left hand. Translated as a symbol of ownership rather than love, the ring meant that the husband could claim his wife.

Roman men, popular for their romantic flare, went up a notch and gave engagement rings with a small key included. It was believed that the carved key was a symbolic key to protect and cherish the partner’s heart. In some parts of Asia, puzzle rings were used by sultans and sheiks to tag each of their wives.

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